Smartcertify is our response to the Construction industry for a compliance service that completely covers the legislative requirements. It is the reduction of significant rework of design and can provide significant cost benefits during the project life. It’s the total package in building approvals – building certification, fire engineering and safety in design.


At JMG we are committed to providing immediate and concise analysis and advice at the point of concept design. We have a great appreciation for the requirement of design flexibility and using the performance nature of the BCA to achieve this. SMARTCERTIFY brings together a complete Certification product offered by the John Massey Group and encompasses 3 Stages of the building process.

-- Stage 1 - Design phases to Certification

Includes BCA advice on all design phases from concept design through to final construction documentation.
Provision of BCA desktop strategy reports, including accessibility provisions.
Meeting attendance with design team.
Undertake Safety in Design review and meet with the design team.
Undertake progressive BCA reviews of the architectural documentation and liaise with all service consultants.
Complete Fire Engineering Brief (FEB)
Liaise with DFES and submit relevant documents including the FEB.
Ensure the relevant development approval has been obtained.
Provide advice to design architects on the content of the BCA Strategy Report.
Complete the Fire Engineering report.
Complete Safety in Design report – and coordinate workshops as required.
Certify BCA compliance in accordance with the Building Act and on the prescribed Certificate of Design Compliance.
Certification will document required inspections and construction completion requirements.
Collate the building permit documentation including all required services certificates, copies of other approvals for submission to the Permit Authority for a permit to be granted within 10 business days.

-- Stage 2 - Construction Phase

Undertake the required inspections as documented in the Certificate of Design Compliance or as agreed in the proposal.
Liaise with architect and builder on compliance issues during construction.
Complete a Fire Engineering Inspection report.
Issue inspection reports verifying the building elements inspected and adopted solutions.
Issue Certificate of Construction Compliance where required.

-- Stage 3 - Completion and Occupation

Undertake final inspections or staged inspections for partial completion and occupation..
Receive and collate certification evidence from all services nominated in the Certificate of Design Compliance.
Complete Safety in Design (SiD) close out for building owner.
Provide certification for construction compliance in the appropriate form.
Assist service contractors to obtain relevant authority approvals (if any).
Collate all certification documentation and submit to Permit Authority for an occupancy certificate to be issued within 10 business days of submission.


Please contact Ron Sherar or John Massey to discuss a proposal

Ron Sherar – Executive Director Compliance

John Massey – Director