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Developing the Talent Pool

With Western Australia finally establishing building legislation 2012 there was a large influx in the private building surveying market space. Mainly consisting of former Local Government employees the Building surveying landscape would be changed forever. Given the development of this market place, as a business we are “always recruiting”. But where were the building surveyors of the future to come from? In recent times JMG has looked to university students studying in the construction sector.

Matt Bowen and Steve Long joined JMG in 2012 as trainee building surveyors. Matt was studying Construction management at Curtin University and Steve was in his first year of an Urban Planning Degree at Curtin. Part of the conditions was that JMG would pay for their Building Surveyor Degree at the University of Central Queensland.

The education opportunities in WA are now obsolete as the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) facilities no longer provide a course in WA. Registration requirements with the Building Commission require both a diploma (minimum) and work experience in order to get registration. Not an ideal environment to nurture further education amongst Building Surveyors.

Since their time with JMG, both Matt and Steve have worked on a number of significant and technical projects that has provided them with invaluable experience. To continue with their development, JMG has tasked them with a non-standard building surveying activity that can enhance the knowledge base of the individual as well as the Company.

Matt is tackling Stadia – Use of Green Guide in England along with a review of new facilities in the UK. Matt is currently part of the Building Surveying Team on the Perth Stadium and there is a use of multiple building codes and guidelines/standards – both Australian and International.

Steve will be taking on Class 2 / 3 multi-storey buildings – Designs / trends / approvals / new methods of construction. Steve will be travelling to Singapore to review a number of new structures that have adopted different approaches to construction and timeframes and discuss with local design groups on the pros and cons of these approaches.

They will be both be travelling in December 2015 and January 2016 and will be completing reports which will form part of their dissertations of their respective degrees.

We wish them well with there study and the excursions overseas!

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